– Security Deposit…….. $200.00 (refund upon satisfactory completion of contract)
– Set up / Tear Down / Clean up…….. $55.00p/hr (this fee is billed on every event. The time will be estimated according to the nature of event and the number of guests.
– Room must be booked 2 weeks in advance and secured with a 50% of contract amount deposit. (refunds for a canceled event will be determined on a case by case basis.)
– No Alcoholic beverages permitted on premise
– All events include restroom facilities
– Wedding Planner Referral Available
– Catering Referral Available

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Final guaranteed attendance for this function is due by 10:00 am three business days prior to the function.  Final attendance guarantee cannot be decreased within three business days prior to event. Ask manager for details on available on- site catering / beverage menu. You may hire a cater or catering company of your choice.  Caters must be licensed food handlers through the state of Colorado.   The kitchen is not a cooking kitchen, but should you rent kitchen, you and your cater will have access to all the counter space, refrigerator, microwave, sinks, trash bags and trans cans.  All trash needs to be deposited into the dumpster before departure.  Payments are non-refundable after contract is signed.  When signing the contract, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this facility use rental agreement. Your secondary contact name will be used to reach you and/or as a source of funding should you default on this agreement.